Mission just after


a triumphant independence.

Our mission as God’s own nation,  AMB EMMA .O. GREAT EKERE and executives are called to creates a country of hope,  a prosperous nation that would affect and restore the poor, needy, weak,  oppress, orphans, widows, broken hearted and wounded souls positively.

As federationians, we are here to put to an end to the suffering of mankind, special people of UNITED STATES OF SOUTH SOUTH FEDERATION.

As federationians, we are here to build a nation of comfort, a country where people in deform state will have a total relief in joy and prosperity.

As  federationians, we are here to share with you the blessings of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, he has sworn unto our father Jacob with everyone, mostly the poor, weak, needy, oppress, orphans, broken hearted and wounded souls.

 As  federationians, we are here to establish and creates a conducive euphoria environment for citizens and non citizens and also for foreign investors, building bridges between the poor and rich as its most expedient and embedded.

As  federationians,  we are ecstasy and elated in building an unprecedented nation annihilating extreme poverty

totally from USSSF citizens since the pandemic is not our ethics.

As  federationians, we are here to lay to functioning a country, human kapital development are subverted would by address and given an immediate response without delay.

As federationians, we here to create a comely relationships between citizens and non citizens, also to allocate to migrants and refugees whatever a citizen merited as its imbedded.

  As federationians, we are here to lay a country migrants and refugees shall be well fed and participating in the political affairs of the UNITED STATES OF SOUTH SOUTH FEDERATION  in peace and harmony after a maximum period of two years when such one has become a citizen.